Trail Furnishings

The harmonious design of the Cayuga Waterfront Trail owes much to its consistent look in the design of signs, bridges, and trail furnishings, such as benches and bicycle racks.



Benches are dark blue metal benches custom fabricated by Trystan Site Furnishings. The bench design is based on Trystan's Long Harbour Series Bench; the back and arm of the bench have been modified to incorporate the curve of the Waterfront Trail logo.


Bicycle Racks

These are based on the popular "inverted U" bike racks. They have been modified to incorporate the Cayuga Waterfront Trail logo curve, and are manufactured locally by Accufab, Inc.


Trailhead Directions

Consistent design is also a factor at the free-standing directories at the three trailheads: at Cass Park, Inlet Island, and the Farmer's Market.

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