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Getting There

Cass Park Trailhead

You'll find the Cass Park trailhead at the entrance to the Cass Park Ice Rink on Rt. 96 northwest of the City of Ithaca. The Hangar Theatre is near the northern end of the trail. The Ithaca Children's Garden, home of the giant turtle Gaia, is near the southern end.


It's an easy bike ride or walk from downtown Ithaca to the trail. You'll see the trail just north of the NYS Route 89 bridge over the Cayuga Inlet where Route 89 enters Cass Park from the south. The trail is less than two miles from most locations in the City of Ithaca. Bike racks are located at the trailhead near the Cass Park ice rink. Or take Route 22 on a TCAT bus. Parking is plentiful at Cass Park.

Parking at Cass Park Ice Rink

Parking at Ithaca Children's Garden/Black Diamond Trail


Ithaca Farmers Market Trailhead


Parking directions via Google Maps


Stewart Park Trailhead

The Stewart Park trailhead can be found at the entrance of Stewart Park off of Rt. 13. The park can be accessed by walking, biking, car, or public transit. Take Route 13 on a TCAT bus to be dropped off directly in front of Stewart Park. Bike racks are located along the trail and bikes can be rented from the Ithaca Youth Bureau, just before reaching the park on James L. Gibbs Dr. 


Parking directions via Google Maps



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