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Donate a Bench

Benches are an essential feature of the trail, providing trail users with a great place to rest, watch other users, and enjoy the surroundings. By sponsoring a bench, your contribution will be both well appreciated and receive stand-alone recognition. Benches are dark blue metal benches custom fabricated by Trystan Site Furnishings. The bench design is based on Trystan's 5 foot long Harbour Series Bench; the back and arm of the bench have been modified to incorporate the curve of the Waterfront Trail logo. Each dark blue steel bench will recognize its sponsor with an engraved steel plate attached at the location shown. Your contribution covers bench fabrication, delivery, and installation along the trail.


Donation Range: $5,000 and up


The inscription on a Bench can be up to 4 lines with up to 25 characters per line.

Donate a Bike Rack

Like the CWT Bench, the CWT Bike Rack is another attractive and essential feature of the trail. Its design is based on the popular inverted U bike rack, modified to incorporate the Cayuga Waterfront Trail logo curve, and it is manufactured locally by Accufab, Inc. There are bike racks at the Cass Park Trailhead. Other possible locations are trailheads in Phase 2 and other destinations along the trail. Your contribution covers bike rack fabrication and installation with an engraved plate with your name mounted on the rack.


Donation Range: $500 and up


The inscription on a Bike Rack can be up to 3 lines with up to 30 characters per line.

Donate an Interpretive Sign

The CWT Interpretive Sign is a low-profile sign to highlight sites or views of natural or cultural significance. The sign panel will be a collage of photos, maps, and text on a durable laminated surface mounted on a stainless steel stand. The logo curve will be incorporated into the top of the sign and into the upright metal stand. The metal sign structure will have a corten (weathering) steel finish and be bolted to a concrete footer. Your name will be incorporated into the design of the interpretive sign panel and trail map and you will have the opportunity to review the sign prior to its fabrication. Your contribution covers fabrication and installation of the stainless steel sign stand and the design, fabrication and installation of the 24" x 36" interpretive sign panel.


Donation Range: $4,000 and up


The inscription on an Interpretive Sign can be up to 12 lines with up to 12 characters per line.

Donate a Mile Marker

Donation Range: $500 and up


The inscription on a Mile Marker can be up to 4 lines with up to 20 characters per line.

Donate a Dog Care Station

You can honor your favorite dog or canine lover by donating a Dog Care Station to the Waterfront Trail. Walking dogs on a short lease is very popular on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail. And now, beginning in March of 2017, Ithaca’s Common Council voted to allow dogs on lease in Stewart Park for the first time. Dog Care Stations are important amenities where dog use is popular. They support a waste bag dispenser, a small waste receptacle, a donor recognition plate and a small stainless-steel dog sculpture - all mounted on a 6” x 6” wood post. Dog Care Stations are located in parks where city staff are available to empty waste receptacles and fill the bag dispensers. Two stations are now needed along the trail in Stewart Park now that dogs are permitted in the park on leash. Donation: $2,000. Engraving Guidelines: The inscription on the plate can include up to 4 lines with up to 25 characters per line.
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